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Where to begin with this one?

We reached the shore. Our teacher had a few of us explore and a few of us stay behind to set up a bonfire. I went with Enjolras and Grantaire to explore a little. See if we could find any people.

We came across this campground thing. It was really small. Like a set-up that you'd see in the mountains. Remains of a campfire, a pile of rocks, and a large walnut looking thing was all that was there. Enjolras poked apart the pile of rocks.

Inside was a human eyeball.

He said we should leave. At that point, no one was arguing. So we get back to the beach, and another student brought back that large walnut shell thing. It was, like, three feet tall. And he ended up opening it.

I'm trying to be as matter of fact about this as possible because it's just so goddamn WEIRD. But a pillar of smoke came out of that shell! It just stretched up to the sky and suddenly, all I could think about was my junior high school prom and how my date ditched me to be with someone else and a jock used that time to spread a rumor that I was gay. And suddenly I was back to feeling alone, like I had no one else in the world. No friends, no family, nothing.

And then the smoke thing literally picked up the guy who had opened up the shell. Just YANKED him into the air!

And then decapitated him.

I'll never forget that sound. You could hear the pop over all the screaming!

The smoke trail left for the woods and then came back only to tear another student in half!

No one knew what to do. The teacher wanted us to all run into the woods or scatter or something!

Then Enjolras grabbed ahold of one of the shell pieces. I remember this because he ran right past me in the opposite direction of everyone else. I had no idea what he was doing, so I had to turn and watch and yell at him to not run that way.

He sliced down his arm and bled into the shell.

I don't even know why he did that. I do know that he liked reading myths and legends on Africa since he allowed me to borrow his book before the flight. Maybe he read something about it in there. But the smoke monster thing must've wanted his blood because it came right for him. And there I stood, just waiting to hear the snapping of his bones and knowing I was too cowardly to do anything about it.

But as soon as the smoke monster touched the shell, the other half of the shell flew upwards and the giant walnut thing sealed itself!

We buried the two bodies. Enjolras and Grantaire buried the shell.

After that, I think we all ended up divided. Some were annoyed, I guess, that Enjolras knew what to do. As though he allowed those two guys to die or something. But honestly, I think they were just afraid.


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