Jan. 20th, 2013

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It's kinda hard to put down what happened now that I know there are people watching. Especially close friends of the only two survivors that I hope are still surviving as I write this.

I don't want to offend anyone when I'm being, or trying to be, matter of fact about things. I'm just trying to give the cliff notes version of this.

So yeah. The doll tree.

We needed water. Enjolras, Grantaire, myself, and a few others went off to explore and try to get some. Grantaire had this filtration system. It was really cool, but he could make the water safe for us to drink.

There was this area filled with mud puddles. And in this area, there was a grave and further away from it was a tree. I've read about this sort of tree before in legends. A little girl drowned while waiting for her mother to get back. And to prevent drowning themselves, natives or people passing by will hang a doll or toy from the branches of the tree.

This tree was near the place where we could get our water. So we went back and it was discovered that one of the students had taken down a doll.

Enjolras tried to get it back. Then Grantaire tried. And this is when the students started to become openly hostile to them. The kid who took it tossed the doll into the ocean. It sounds really stupid, I know, but I think he was just scared and trying to comfort himself by taking some control.

Later on, the teacher went missing. Enjolras, Grantaire and myself went off to try and find her.

We ended up back at the creek/stream thing, and the teacher was halfway deep in a puddle! At least it was a puddle! It had no bottom that I could see, and Grantaire said it was quicksand. They tried pulling the teacher out, but she was yanked right down into the muddy water.

That was the last we saw of her.

I was really freaked out at that point. We went to the doll tree and Grantaire tried giving the tree a replacement gift. I guess the girl didn't think much of it since the branches Grantaire used to tie around the gift kept coming undone. This happened twice before he REALLY knotted it up.

Then all the dolls and toys within the tree came undone!

I'm not ashamed to say that I freaked out and took off running back to the camp. Grantaire and Enjolras were following me. I heard Enjolras shout for Grantaire behind us, and Grantaire stopped almost immediately. We looked back and there was Enjolras, getting dragged into a puddle. I've never seen Grantaire move so quickly!

We tried vines. We tried everything we had to get Enjolras out of there, but he said that something was pulling him down and he mentioned the grave to Grantaire before he sank under the water.

I was terrified! Grantaire...well, I'm sure he was also terrified, but he ran to the grave and dug it up. Inside was this rotting body of a woman. Not that he seemed to care about how it looked. He just picked the body up and brought her to the mud puddle and that Enjolras vanished in.

He looked pretty damn heroic as he put the bones in and started yelling at the drowned girl or whomever to give him back his friend. Apparently the body was the girl's mother that she had waited so long for!

And guess what! It worked!

Enjolras reappeared from within the grave of the mother! I mean, sure, he was covered in mud and likely wasn't having a very good time of it, but he was alive! Grantaire didn't really care either about his state.

Wonder about those two...


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