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Holy shit.

Just...holy shit.

Okay. I feel like I need more time to process what happened. Is it really only the 18th? It felt like months have passed!

I'm all right. I'm no longer in Africa. I'm in the states.

I'm in my own home.

I've spoken to my parents and they have no idea what happened either. The plane crash had been televised.

I was on that plane!

I know I was on there! I was on that plane when it broke in two right in front of my seat! I was there when we crashed into the ocean! Ten of us survived the crash and we made it to shore.

I'm getting ahead of myself. This is just so damn surreal! I was on that plane. Now I'm here and I don't know how I made it back home!

I wrote down everything that had happened to me on paper so I don't forget it. I think I need to transcribe it here on this format just because it's so messed up. It's so damn messed up, and there's so much I don't understand. If I told my parents, they'd think I was crazy, but even they don't know how I ended up back here.

After seeing their worry, I ended up lying to them. I said I was never on the plane, that I got cold feet. That I hid out at a friend's place until now because I didn't want them disappointed in me. That worked. They're upset and angry, but they don't think I'm crazy.

I need to sleep. I'll be back later to update about the plane crash. Gonna try to take this one weird ass event at a time.


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