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Slept nearly for a full 24 hours!

When I first got back here, I felt my memories faltering. Like I started forgetting a few things. Names and all that. I just wrote it all down, putting in little outlined notes here and there. Like the shit I was taught in English class.

So I'm just kinda transcribing from there.

I sat next to Enjolras. I had the window seat. I remember that much. The flight there was pretty damn dull. Enjolras spent most of his time talking to the big guy who wasn't a student. I later learned his name was Grantaire and the two are friends.

So we were close to Africa. I remember them announcing that we'd be landing shortly.

And then there was a lot of turbulence. Like, a LOT. I've flown before, and this wasn't the normal turbulence that you go through, like when the seatbelt sign goes on. This was teeth-rattling, plane-shaking sort of turbulence! There was a lot of people yelling and the stewardesses were trying to keep everyone calm. The air bags came down from the ceiling.

Even just writing all of this down makes me feel the same sort of panic I felt when it was all happening. We were all scared.

Except Enjolras. He told me to undo my seatbelt when it was time. He was calm. I'll never forget that. It was just...it struck me as really messed up, because here was everyone practically wetting themselves and he was handling it like he'd gone through plane crashes every day.

He must've known he wasn't going to die. It's easier to look back on him and Grantaire in retrospect now, considering all that happened. How much did those two seen? How much did they understand?

There's no good way to put this.

The plane cracked like an oyster shell. It was just suddenly torn right in two! And it tore right in front of our seats! The first part of the plane went north. We ended up falling backwards.

We hit the water and Enjolras immediately undid his seat belt. The rest of us followed suit with Grantaire helping. There's not much I remember about it. Just a lot of water, grabbing for our carry ons, and then making our way to shore which wasn't too far from where we crashed.

There were ten of us who made it. We never learned what happened to the front of the plane. Now that I'm back, I've learned that they all didn't make it. We were hoping they had been rescued or something, but I think we all knew deep down that they were gone.

We weren't really the lucky ones in it all either. I don't know if I would've preferred a quick death via plane crash or what happened after.
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